News! New Snow Park in Trysil winter 24/25

Trysil already has one of Norway's best parks for freeskiing and snowboarding and for the winter of 2024/2025 it will be even better when a brand new terrain park is built.

The new park will be of World Cup standard and is a first step in the further development of the ski area around Turistsenteret in Trysil. 

Both freeskier Birk Ruud and the Norwegian Ski Association have been involved in the planning of the new park, which is intended to be Norway's best terrain park and a meeting place for young people and everyone else who loves to ski. 

Snow Park is being moved and expanded 

SkiStar Snow Park Trysil is currently located on slope 22, but will now be moved a few hundred metres further south to slope 79.

The slope will be widened, a separate park lift (t-hook) will be built and the park will also be floodlit. The new park will be about one kilometre long and will include blue, red and black lines with jumps and rails. 

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