SkiStar Snow Parks in Sälen

In SkiStar Snow Parks Sälen there are park rides for everyone regardless of level and age. The large snow park area is located in Tandådalen. In Lindvallen there's a smaller, more basic snow park.

SkiStar Snow Park Lindvallen

At the very bottom of slope 15 (Johanbacken), right next to the L5 lift and Valleberget, is Lindvallen Snow Park. Here you can find the green lines with jumps and boxes - perfect for those of you who have just started your park career and want to try some simple jumps and features.

SkiStar Snow Park Tandådalen 

Sälen's large snow park area can be found by the lifts T6 (Norrliftarna) and T7 (Kalvenliften). Here you will find a wide range of features, from the red lines with tough racks, boxes, jumps and kickers to the slightly simpler elements that are categorized as blue and green. 

Find it – The easiest way to the snow park is to take the Mio Express (T11) to the top and ski down the top of the T6 lift (Norrliftarna). If you're coming from Östra Tandådalen, take the T4 lift (Pulsen Express) and then the T15 (Topplänken) towards Tandådalstorget and then ski down towards the snow park area by lifts T6 & T7.