SkiStar Snow Parks in Hemsedal

In Hemsedal there are a number of parks with jumps, boxes and rails for all ages and levels. Mini park in the children's area that is perfect for the smallest of the park's riders.

Snow Park red

Snow Park red (Hemsedalparken) has red and black jumps and several large rail elements. The Park is located on piste 22, and you get there by taking the Hollvin Express (lift E), or Holdeskarheisen (lift F) + Olaheisen (lift K).

Snow Park blue

Blue park with several jumps, corners, boxes and rails that are suitable for both beginners and more experienced skiers. You can find the park on piste 33 on the piste map. You come to the park via chair lifts Hollvin Ekspress (lift) or Holdeskarheisen (lift) and Olaheisen (lift). 

Panorama Park

A rail park directly to the left of the alighting point on the Hollvin Express, marked as Hill 4 on the piste map. 

Mini Park

Small park with simple jumps, boxes and waves in the children's area.