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How does SkiStar All Year work?

The SkiStar All Year subscription includes skiing (SkiPass), cycling (Bike- & TrailPass) and cross-country skiing. The subscription also includes several summer activities such as Mountain Coaster and Mountain Tubing. With the subscription, you don't have to spend a lot of money in the autumn for an annual pass, but can spread the cost over the whole year.

  • The subscription is exclusive to members of SkiStar Member
  • The subscription has a 12-month binding commitment period. You choose when to start the subscription and it will run for 12 months. The subscription is automatically renewed unless cancelled.
  • Payment is made via Klarna. The monthly cost will be deducted in advance each month.
  • The first payment is deducted when the subscription is signed, which also includes the cost of the SkiPass card and SkiStars Security Insurance incl. ERV's Skiing and Activity Insurance. The automatic payments are then deducted in advance before the start of the second month of the subscription. 
  • The subscription can be suspended in case of injury/illness if you have also purchased SkiStar's Security cover, which includes ERV's skiing and activity insurance, at the time of subscription. 
  • The subscription gives you access to SkiStar's destinations during regular opening hours. Availability at our destinations may vary.

Book safely with SkiStars alpine snow guarantee

SkiStar's alpine Snow Guarantee

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SkiStars summer guarantee