Local season pass

If you only want to ski at one of SkiStar's destinations, we have our local season passes. Choose between a season pass for skiing with lift or cross-country skiing. All SkiPasses are personal to you and can be purchased/downloaded online.

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Book early and save money with SkiStar Member

Our membership club has five membership levels and as a member you have the opportunity to accumulate activity days and reach a higher membership level. Book your SkiPass today and start climbing the levels - the higher your membership level, the more and better discounts and benefits you get.

Get even more out of the mountains

For those who want to get the max out of their mountain experience, and the most value for their money, we offer the SkiStar All Year subscription and the SkiStar All Winter season pass.

  • The SkiStar All Year membership is our annual pass that gives you access to the top benefits and a maximum range of year-round activities with over 350 pistes, 50 cross-country trails, summer skiing and 100 bike trails.
  • Our SkiStar All Winter season pass allows you to do as much skiing as you like, both downhill and cross-country, at all six of our destinations.

Local season pass for cross-country skiing

You can buy a Cross-Country Pass that gives you access to the SkiStar Cross Country Arena for our respective Swedish destinations.

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Unique to our SkiPasses

  • Between 51 and 101 pistes thanks to Northern Europe's most efficient snow production system.
  • Safety with our unique alpine snow guarantee - rebook your trip or get your money back if we can't deliver the alpine ski product we promise.
  • Take advantage of SkiStar’s ski buses - sustainable transport that runs on HVO fuel and takes you between your lodging and the slopes, or between the ski areas.
  • Free access to lots of Valle activities.
  • Free access to SkiStar Snow Park, developed by Olympic medallists Jesper Tjäder and Birk Ruud.
  • Free access to SkiStar Fun Ride.
  • Link your SkiPass to SkiStar Game where you can track your ski statistics, join fun challenges and collect pins.

Read more about our three insurances especially designed for your mountain holiday

Europeiska ERV - Insurances

Book safely with SkiStars alpine snow guarantee

SkiStar's alpine Snow Guarantee