What kind of skis are best suited to you?

Should you rent a ski? Here we give you tips on how to think when booking your equipment.


●  Beginner - For you who is completely new or has not skied much before lightweight equipment is needed to help you get started with skiing. That’s why beginner skis are made of slightly softer material and have a distinct form (narrow in the middle and wider at the front and back). It makes it easier to put the skis on their edge, and requires less work from you to get the skis to turn.

●  Has skied before - For you who have good skiing technique. You have begun to ski with greater speed and found the technique for ski cutting. Now stiffer skis are needed, that can handle the higher speed. If the skis are too soft, it can be experienced as “unreliable” when the speed increases and if the surface is hard or icy.

●  Can ski all slopes -
suitable for you who are practiced skiers and who place more demands on your equipment. Here you can expect hard skis that require you to use power, speed and technique in order to make use of the skis’ full potential. 


●  Advanced skier - skis for you who are very skilled skiers and who place high demands on your equipment. You know if you want skis with a long or short turn radius. These skis are packed with the latest materials and are designed using exciting technology.