For us at SkiStar, it goes without saying that we actively take responsibility for the environment and protect the unique mountain environment in which we operate. Valle provides quick and easy tips on how to recycle and take care of our nature all year round.

  • Milk carton or glass jar with plastic lid: Remove the plastic lid from the milk carton or glass jar and recycle it as plastic packaging and the rest in paper/glass packaging.
  • Take-away box in frigolit: recycle as plastic packaging.
  • Pizza box: regardless of colour and size, must be emptied of any food and recycled as paper packaging.
  • Envelopes - with/without window: discard as household waste.
  • Tealights: Tealights should be dropped at a municipal recycling centre and recycled as metal. Don't forget to remove the wick tab once the wax has burnt and discard it in household waste.