Exercise and health conference

Do you want to increase your stress tolerance, feel better, improve your memory and become more creative and intelligent? Then get exercising! Regular exercise is proven to be the best brain exercise there is, better than sudoku, crosswords and all supplements combined.

It's well-know today that the brain has enormous capacity for change. New brain cells are constantly forming and new connections are created and disappear. Your brain changes slightly with everything you do and even with every thought you have. Exercise also has a strong affect on the brain. Exercise not only makes you feel better and more energetic, it also improves concentration, memory, mental health, sleep, creativity and stress tolerance – and it affects your personality and intelligence as well. It makes you think more quickly and revs up your mental performance, for instance making it easier to concentrate when there's activity going on around you.

- Extract from The Real Happy Pill by Anders Hansen

Let your next conference be the start of something new

Be inspired by fun exercise and delicious, healthy food, and learn how to achieve an optimal work-life balance and a more active and healthy lifestyle. 

Package suggestions:

  • Shared lodging in cosy holiday apartments, 3 days incl. cabin package
  • Linen pack (bed linen and towel) provided at your lodging
  • Departure cleaning of apartments after check-out
  • Breakfast 
  • Lunch in the mountains, day 1 
  • Lunch during your conference, day 2 
  • Welcome dinner, evening 1 
  • Cooking activity with a focus on simple, healthy everyday food, perfect for your lunch box, evening 2 
  • 3-course game dinner, evening 3 
  • 4 sessions with inspiring physical activity (adapted to your group and preferences) incl. equipment
  • Inspiring lecture on a selected theme, value SEK 40,000 
  • Use of conference room on one occasion, incl. coffee break with refreshments
  • Project management and support before and during your stay in the mountains. A final invoice will be issued for the whole conference after you return home.

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