Winter news in Hemsedal

The 2022/23 winter season offers plenty of exciting new developments in Hemsedal. The park is being moved, upgraded and getting more lighting, the Dortheløypa (piste #22) is back and several exciting lodging concepts are under construction.

New developments in Hemsedal

Ski area

  • Dortheløypa (piste 22) is now back, and big carving turns work well on this wide blue piste.
  • The camel hump (piste 7) has been widened and improved. There will be 11 new snow towers, providing 600 new metres of snow production. This slope will feel completely new, and is wide enough for really big carving turns.
  • New compressor centre and compressors will contribute to more efficient snow production and more optimised snow production.
  • The Fjellheisen (left side) has been replaced with a new lift. The old lift dates back to 1965. The lift gets a new master and foundation, as well as a better descent. The capacity will be the same as before.
  • Lighting on Lialøypa (piste 21) will further increase the range of non-stop and evening skiing.
  • The lighting system in the new park and Lialøypa will be adjusted based on the natural light, which will be more efficient and save power.
  • Extended opening hours in weeks 52, 7 and 8: Mon-Thurs 9.00-19.00.

SkiStar Snow park

  • The red park will be moved to the area below the Tindenliften lift. There will be a common start for both the red and blue parks, as well as a clearly defined park area. We have entered into a collaboration with F-Tech, an Austrian company that designs parks, specialising in park construction and is among the largest in Europe. They are market leaders when in developing and designing parks.
  • The snow park development also includes digitisation and 3D modelling as part of the construction and maintenance. This will contribute to more precise elements and a better finish.
  • Two new park tracking machines will make the job of building and maintaining elements easier and save more energy and resources.
  • The red park will also be lit, making it available for both non-stop and evening skiing.
  • As part of the new park development, a new snow system has been set up with 4 large weave cannons and 7 snow towers, which will contribute to more efficient snow production and earlier opening.


  • Valle's music studio will reopen in the Valle area in Valleløypa. New content this season.
  • The entrance to Valleskogen will be extended to make it possible to enter with snow, and it will be prepared for skiing throughout the season.
  • The Valle room at the SkiStar Lodge Hemsedal Alpin is being renovated and will get a new look.

Lodging and food concept

  • Skarsnuten Hotel has 51 new rooms, a wellness area, conference facilities and a new large roof terrace. Open in November. There will also be 4 new different food concepts.
  • Apartments in the new Totten Lodge will be available for SkiStar's booking.
  • The apartments in Fjellnest will be ready for Christmas 2022.


  • Transfer bus from Gardermoen on Fridays and Sundays.
  • Shuttle buses from Gol station correspond with the train.
  •  Cinema Centre – new apartment building Fjellnest will be connected and will get energy from Cinema Centre for the coming season. This means that there will be 550 new beds connected to energy from this resort.