Bu$i Shred by Birk Ruud

Be coached by Birk Ruud and others in the park on Friday and see some of the best Nordic park skiers compete in a park competition on Saturday.

Bu$i Shred by Birk Ruud

Olympic gold medalist Birk Ruud invites all children and young people interested in parks to BU$I Shred. Ride in the the park and be coached by Birk Ruud, William Kalfoss and the invited skiers in Birk's own competition Bu$i Jam Pro. We divide into groups according to skill level in the park. Both skiers and snowboarders are welcome.

Date and location: Friday 19 April 2024 in SkiStar Snow Park (L22). Meet at Monster's hangout in the middle of the park.


We divide into groups

Shred in groups

Barbecue in SkiStar Snow Park

Photo shoot, signing and raffle prizes

Bu$i Jam Pro by Birk Ruud

Birk Ruud has invited 20 friends to an intense and adrenaline-fuelled park competition. See some of the Nordic region's best skiers compete in a team competition. 

Date and location: Saturday 20 April 2024 in SkiStar Snow Park (L22). The middle part of the park has been rebuilt and this is where the competition takes place.


Warm up


Meet & greet in Monsters Hang Out