25 Apr - 28 Apr 2024

Åre Sessions 2024

Åre Sessions premiered in the last weekend of April 2017, and has been part of Åre's big season finale weekend ever since.

Lodging during the Åre Sessions

The festival takes place on several stages and venues in Åre – from the slopes themselves to the big arena in the Holiday Club further down in the town. 

Artists for Åre Sessions 2024

Åre Sessions 2024 will feature none other than Viagra Boys, Thomas Stenström, Icona Pop, Ellen Krauss, Augustine and Alba August.

More information and artists releases can be found at www.aresessions.se.

Festival ticket

And best of all: at Åre Sessions, your SkiPass acts as your festival ticket. A 3-day, 4-day or season pass gives you access to the entire festival. The SkiPass must be continuous and valid for the dates 25-27 or 28 April.

If you only want to go for one or two days, you can buy a two-day pass that is valid for the two days you want to attend the festival.