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Big cabins for the entire gang

Gather family and friends during the holidays and birthdays, or get closer to your colleagues during business trips. We have spacious cabins with room for everyone.

Rent a cabin where there is room to live, prepare food and just be, everyone under the same roof.  Enjoy that you are all together - without the feeling of being crowded, or having to think about extra chairs and tables. You will of course have your own bedroom, several toilets and bathrooms, all the facilitates that makes it easier when many people live under the same roof.

Celebrate Christmas, Easter or a birthday in the mountains with family and friends. If you order cleaning, you don’t even have to think about doing cleaning up after everyone. Just enjoy being together. 

In addition, most of our large-scale cabins are of a high standard, and include a sauna, an open fireplace and a terrace. So, if you want to live it up without the price being too steep, choose one large-scale cabin instead of living in several smaller cabins.

The mountain world offers activities for everybody, regardless if you’d rather go skiing, or stay at the spa. This is why everyone can come. Book the next trip together now in stead of every family booking their own.

Accommodations with more than 10 beds