Book a holiday that’s gentle to your wallet

Think out and plan. That’s the name of the game when searching for the perfect mountain holiday for anyone not wanting to use up all their savings. Here are our top tips that can save you hundreds.

1. Find the right time

Plan your holiday for when there isn’t a school holiday and make it a shorter week - Sunday to Thursday. In January and March, there are fewer people, more space on the slopes, and accommodations are usually cheaper.

2. Stay in the surrounding areas

You can find good accommodation options farther away from our ski areas to bring the cost down. Oftentimes, the ski slopes are no more than a few minutes away by car. To be extra kind to both the environment and your wallet, you can leave your car and take the ski bus to the slopes instead. The ski bus is free for anyone with a SkiPass that’s valid for 1 or more days

3. Share lodging

Renting a large cabin or apartment and sharing it with relatives or perhaps several other families brings the price per person down significantly.

4. Pre-book online

SkiPass, ski school and ski rentals are always cheapest online, so save time and money by pre-booking your products via or in the SkiStar app. You can either load or pre-book and pick up at our SkiPass pick-up machines.

5. Rent equipment

Renting ski equipment is an affordable and surefire way to ensure you have freshly waxed skis that are ready for the slopes when you arrive. Our ski rentals are always located close to the slopes, making it easy for you to change, swap or get help.

6. Group ski school is perfect for everyone

Letting the kids go to group ski school means that everyone in the family can get the most out of their holiday. Kids learn to ski from skilled ski instructors, while also making friends and mountain memories to take back home. For parents, ski school for the kids means some well-deserved time off on holiday.

7. Eat home-cooked

Skip the restaurants and cook food in your cabin or apartment. Bring a thermos of soup or stew with you on your skiing adventure or grill sausages and have hot dogs on the slopes. Don’t forget a thermos of hot chocolate and/or coffee and you’ve got an affordable alternative to both lunch and fika. You can also make food at home that you can freeze and take along to the mountains.

8. Keep an eye on your email and the website

At and on our social media channels, we post the latest offers, such as affordable last-minute deals. We also send offers in our newsletter, so be sure to keep an eye out both online and in your e-mail inbox. If you haven't already subscribed to our newsletter - do so by becoming a member of SkiStar Member »

9. Book early and get a discount

We have many campaigns throughout the year for discounted deals, such as Valle's family weeks, our Member Weeks and our unique and recurring Early Bird Discount. You can find all our current promotions here »