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To preserve our white winters in the future, we need to start doing new things together that are better for the climate. Learn about our initiatives and our journey at SkiStar, where we go step by step towards more sustainable mountain experiences. Join us!

Our way to the 2030 target

When travelling to your mountain holiday

Together we can make a difference


Purchasing and suppliers

We demand climate targets



For a quieter mountain environment


Renewable fuels

Reducing our emissions


Renewable energy

Sun, wind and water


Biological diversity

We protect the mountain environment


Fossil-free ski resort

Our new pilot project in Hammarbybacken, Stockholm

Helping our guests travel more sustainably to our destinations is an important part of our sustainability strategy, with the aim of halving our climate impact by 2030.
Fanny Sjödin, Chief Sustainability Officer, SkiStar

We want to be able to enjoy this - even in 50 years time

By making smart choices today, we can make a difference tomorrow


We have many more things in the pipeline, such as solar cell power, energy storage and, in the long term, a larger fleet of electric piste machines. We also have to re-engineer our suppliers by placing demands on climate goals and only purchasing renewable energy and fuels.

Our upcoming projects also include exciting things such as charging the car with the SkiStar app and an AI feature in our snow production.

And while we’re dreaming of the future...

Imagine if we could have completely fossil-free mountain trips to all our destinations and lifts made of green steel?

The circular mindset

Rent, repair and buy used goods