Lift accessed cycling in Hemsedal

Enjoy stunning cycling with views you won't find anywhere else. Take the lift up and enjoy a choice of delightful routes with forest, mountains and hills as the backdrop.

The trails are mainly made up of manmade paths that run through fields and forests. They feature varying levels of difficulty (green/blue/red) with elements of jumps, drops and curves.

You need a BikePass to take the lift up and cycle the trails. A damped-suspension bike is recommended here, but a mountain bike can also handle the terrain. BikePass is always cheapest online and you can quickly and easily collect your pre-booked BikePass from one of our SkiPass pick-up automats.


Silverstone (Blue)

Type of bike: Downhill and trail bike
Length: 10.5 km
Character: Flowing
Description: Silverstone is a blue route, 10.5 km long. Silverstone has received a lot of attention in the world of off-road cycling. Terrain Bike magazine praised it highly when they tested parts of the trail: "We were able to test almost half of the trail and the conclusion was that this is going to be an absolutely fantastic cycling experience".

Broadway (green)

Type of bike: Trail
Length: 0.7 km
Character: Trailled
Description: Broadway is an easily-cycled, green track that crosses over to the blue High Line track. The total length of the two is about 2 km, becoming a circular loop that runs towards Sollaust and the area under Totten.

High Line (blue)

Type of bike: Trail
Length: 1.5 km
Character: Trailled
Description: The blue track starts by the Sollaust stream and has a slight climb up towards Totten, then winds back over smaller jumps and gradual turns.


Type of bike: Full suspension
Length: 7 km
Character: Flowing
Description: A flowing trail of natural obstacles and terrain starting from Broadway. Changes character on its way down the mountain with jumps, grades, and natural park elements. Great if you want more challenge after Silverstone! It exits at Fyri Resort and follows the return path back to the lift.

Tottelia - Hemsedal’s playground on two wheels

Tottelia is centrally located between the centre and Hemsedal Ski Centre, just behind Fyri Resort. Here you will find round trails with green, blue and red grading and a total of 2 km of flow, grades and jumps for all levels. There’s also a cool barbecue area for a break with beautiful views of the valley.

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