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Arrival on Fridays and Saturdays

Start off your ski week early by arriving on the Friday or Saturday and enjoy skiing from Saturday or Sunday morning onwards.

For those who want to start their skiing holiday on Friday or Saturday, there are plenty of accommodation options to choose from in all our skiing destinations. If you want modern and comfortable accommodation close to skiing, restaurants, shopping and other activities, the SkiStar Lodge concept is worth a closer look. The lodges can be found in Hemsedal, Sälen (Hundfjället and Lindvallen), Trysil and Vemdalen, the latter two being brand new members of the SkiStar Lodge family. More about SkiStar Lodge.

Why change to Saturday?

There are many advantages to starting your holiday on Saturday. If you or your children are going to ski school starting on Monday, it feels good to be able to prepare on Sunday in peace and quiet, take a few runs and make sure that the equipment feels good. As Sunday is a big swap and travel day, it's usually a bit quieter in the ski area and you can get out and about a bit more. Then, the journey to your skiing holiday will be a calmer experience as traffic speeds are usually lower – that's a bonus.

When you're back home, it's nice to be able to sleep in on Sunday and then have the whole day to unpack, do some laundry and get organised before the work and school day begins.

SkiStar Lodge - the best lodging in the mountains

Enjoy made-up beds, generous breakfast buffets and close proximity to lifts and slopes as well as restaurants and shopping. All of our lodges also offer Saturday arrivals.

Recommended lodging with exchange on Fridays and Saturdays