• Once you’ve activated your account you get access to lots of benefits and features.
  • Points on bookings and online purchases
    Get points on ski trips, clothing and equipment when you shop at skistar.com or skistarshop.com.
  • Friends and their locations
    Find your fellow skiers and see where they are on the slope.
  • Pins
    Collect pins based on your successes on the slope.
  • Activities
    Challenge yourself and your friends while you explore the ski area.
  • Statistics
    See all your ski statistics – vertical drop, number of runs and much more. 
  • Deals
    Get great deals and discounts based on your activity on the slopes.
  • Diary
    Record your ski trip with photos and statistics.
  • Family
    Add all your loved ones to a family page and explore the mountain together.
  • Children
    MySkiStar tailored to the very youngest.
Bonus points on all online purchases.

It pays to join MySkiStar. You get bonus points for everything you buy online from us at SkiStar.

Use your points when you book a ski trip or buy clothing and equipment at skistar.com and skistarshop.com.

  • Deals and discounts

    You do know that your SkiPass is packed full of added value and discounts. You receive offers when you buy a SkiPass or  by doing mountain activities. The more demanding the performance, the more favourable the offer. A deal can be anything from a free lunch to a discount on a pair of skis.

  • MySkiStar Wifi by Telenor

    Around our lifts and ski runs are several hotspots with free WiFi for those who are registered in MySkiStar. Log in with your MySkiStar account information and then you are able to surf without charge in the MySkiStar WiFi network.

Show off your skills

Have your run filmed and uploaded to your MySkiStar profile by swiping your SkiPass at the starting gate of any of our arenas in Lindvallen, Tandådalen, Björnrike, Åre, Hemsedal and Trysil.

Later, you can log onto your MySkiStar profile and watch the movie. You choose whether to delete or save the movie, or even share it with friends on social media.