FAQs before letting your property

Everything you need to know before letting your property through SkiStar is explained below.

Letting through SkiStar is safe, easy and affordable

Safe – We look after your property and are on-call if guests report a fault. Your agreement with us covers your property for damage, for example. We’ll deal with any breakages and replace equipment. You’ll find full terms and conditions in the agreement.

Simple - We take care of everything related to marketing, handing over keys, cleaning/inspection, clearing snow and gritting (from the car park to the front door), adjusting the heating when needed and replenishing crockery and cleaning products. SkiStar’s staff can be contacted around the clock at our ski destinations.

Profitable - Extensive marketing and good marketing channels produce good occupancy and revenue. Skistar.com has about 17 million visits a year from tourists eager for a holiday in the mountains.

Types of agreement and rent

Properties can be let either as a private individual or as a company with a business subject to VAT. Owners can choose which suits them best.

Sweden: rental agency agreement – when you let privately or as a business not subject to vat

You receive 70% and SkiStar receives 30% of the total rent paid by guests for the accommodation, including VAT. SkiStar can arrange pre-season and spring cleaning or you can organise it yourself. SkiStar has the right to use the property during the weeks when it’s let to guests. You can book your reserved owner weeks free-of-charge under the agreement’s benefits category (Gold or Silver).

Sweden: rental agreement – when you let as a business subject to vat

You receive 65.3% and SkiStar receives 34.7% of the total rent paid by guests for the accommodation, excluding VAT. 25% VAT will be applied on payment. This includes annual pre-season cleaning and spring cleaning as SkiStar lets the property all year round and has the right to use it. Owners with a letting agreement book weeks in their own property at market rates (guest price – 20% discount). Gold or Silver benefits category.

Norway: rental agreement

The owner's share is 70% of the amount paid by the guest for renting the unit, ex-VAT. Final cleaning after use by the owner, spring cleaning and pre-season cleaning can be booked at SkiStar or performed by the owner. SkiStar is responsible for the weeks when the unit is rented out to guests. The owner can use the property within the scope of the benefit category under the agreement (Gold or Silver).

Short-term agreement – trial for a season

If, for any reason, you can't commit to letting your property for the next two winters, you can opt for a trial season. You will then receive 65% of the rent paid by guests for the accommodation, including VAT. There are no benefits attached to this agreement, since the benefits are based on what is let in the coming season and can be made available to let on 1 November for the next season.

High season agreement – if you want to let property for a few weeks

SkiStar can take on attractive properties to let for 4-9 high-season weeks in each winter season when demand is high. Perhaps you live nearby and are often on the slopes, but want to avoid the busiest tourist weeks and earn some income instead. You will receive 65% of the rent paid by guests for the accommodation, including VAT. No benefits.

You can read the appendices to the agreement here.

Norway rental agreement:

1. (A) Hemsedal: General terms and conditions
1. (B) Trysil: General terms and conditions
2. Basic equipment list
3. Benefits
4. Cleaning instructions

Swedish rental agreement:

1. General terms and conditions
2. Basic equipment list
3. Benefits
4. Cleaning instructions

What is the procedure for taking on new property? *

  1. Either owners contact SkiStar Lodging Recruitment to enquire about letting or SkiStar Lodging Recruitment contacts owners of properties of interest.
  2. SkiStar provides information about the equipment required for the property to be let (as listed in the basic equipment list, Appendix 2 to the agreement).
  3. The owner needs to send or deliver all keys to SkiStar before it can start managing the property.
  4. SkiStar will inspect the property and suggest any action the owner should take.
  5. Once the owner has notified SkiStar that everything has been done, SkiStar will carry out a final inspection of the property.
  6. The owner will let SkiStar know which weeks he or she wants to use the property in the first season.
  7. The agreement is sent and signed digitally via Scrive.
  8. The owner takes photos of the unit and sends these to SkiStar. See tips in our photo manual.
  9. SkiStar sets the price and the number of stars based on the SkiStar standard and enters all the information into the booking system.
  10. The owner checks and approves the property description and is then given log-in credentials for the owner pages.
  11. SkiStar publishes the property as available for booking via skistar.com.
  12. SkiStar prepares the property, providing bed linen and putting up notices etc.

*The steps may be slightly different at each destination


Owners choose a benefit category when signing the agreement and undertake to follow the guidelines for each category. If you want to change category, you must notify the Owner Service well before 1 November, when next year's reserved owner weeks must be booked and booking opens.

You can read more about the choice of benefit categories.

SkiStar standard – what does it mean?

All properties we let at all destinations must fulfil the same conditions. They must be airy and comfortable for everyone staying there. Maximizing the number of beds is not necessarily the best thing from a letting point of view. Good general lighting is recommended and fire extinguishers and smoke detectors must be provided at each property. Guests should feel at home and want to re-book their accommodation. That will ensure high occupancy and good income.

Have a look at the Basic equipment list; this shows all the equipment the property must have before it’s let.

  • Kitchen/dining area
    • The equipment in our basic equipment list must be provided.
    • The places at the dining table must be the same as the number of beds.
    • If you have more than eight beds, you should have a separate fridge and freezer.
    • A microwave, coffee maker, kettle, electric mixer and toaster are standard.
  • Living room
    • The sofa and armchairs should preferably seat the same number of people as there are beds.
    • A TV with standard channels must be provided (Chromecast or Apple TV does not provide an acceptable choice of channels).
  • Bedrooms
    • We recommend a maximum of two beds per bedroom.
    • A wardrobe (60 cm for every two people) and/or wall hooks must be provided.
    • Each room must have bedside lamps and blackout curtains.
    • A double bed is 150 cm or wider.
    • A sofa bed does not count as a bed for the purposes of letting.
  • Bathroom
    • If the property has six beds or more, it must have at least two toilets.
  • General
    • The size of the hot water tank must be appropriate for the number of beds.
    • The available parking must be appropriate for the number of beds at the property.
    • Drying facilities for wet clothes must be provided.
    • We do not accept code locks for properties. We only accept locks with physical keys/key fobs.

We recommend suppliers that meet our standard and have a range adapted for letting in mountain environments:

Sweden: Öjeprodukter for glassware and crockery: www.ojeprodukter.se / info@ojeprodukter.se
Permia for furniture: www.permia.se / info@permia.se

Norway: Culina for crockery, glasses and porcelain: culina.no
Furniture and trades: contact the relevant Owner Services department for recommendations


Properties that allow pets are in great demand. If owners plan to have their own pets at the property, it must be listed as allowing pets for allergy reasons.

Changeover days

At the moment, we mainly take on properties with Saturday as the changeover day. This is something guests ask for and it spreads out travel and makes it easier to clean and service the property on changeover days.

Summer lets

All owners who let property for the winter season (weeks 44-18) will also have the opportunity to let it for the summer season (weeks 19-43). The summer season is optional and owners must let the Owner Service know, by 1 November at the latest, when they want to let their property and when they want to stay there themselves. If you decide to let your property during the summer season it must be spring cleaned as specified in Appendix 4. Properties that can be let for a minimum of 4 continuous weeks in weeks 25-33 are preferred.

Booking reserved owner weeks

The procedure for this can be found in the Owner reservations section of the General terms and conditions.
To book your reserved owner weeks, log into My Page/Owner Pages/Owner Reservation and select the weeks you want within your benefits category. The Owner Service will ask you for these when it sends you the agreement.

Reserved owner weeks also mean shorter stays such as short weeks, weekends and single days.
High season means Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, as well as spring half term (weeks 7-10) and both Easter weeks. If the Epiphany weekend falls in the same week as New Year, it will be a high-season week; that rarely happens, since we try to optimise the weeks so that it falls in different periods and more guests have the opportunity to book and come to us.

If the property is vacant for 14 days or less before your arrival, you can book additional reserved owner weeks without affecting your entitlement to benefits under your chosen Gold or Silver category.

Example: On 1 November 2022, the owner states which owner reservations he or she wishes to make for the period 1 May 2023 - 30 April 2024. This owner reservation falls within the benefit category for the period 1 November 2022 - 31 October 2023. If an owner does not notify us of a change of benefit category when booking reserved owner weeks, he or she will remain in the previous benefit category.

If the conditions for the maximum number of reserved owner weeks are not met, SkiStar will claim a refund to the value of any benefits/discount used and its share of the rent for the additional weeks booked.

Booking SkiPasses and other products with a discount

A maximum of four discounted SkiPasses can be purchased under each Gold or Silver agency agreement, regardless of whether they are for adults or children. You can choose either a SkiStar all season pass or eight days of your choice if that suits you better. (Please note that eight days of your choice are not the same as a 6-8-day weekly pass). You can choose which family members or co-owners can take advantage of the SkiPass discounts, e.g. spouse, children, grandchildren or grandparents.

Book when you’re logged in to SkiStar.com and the discount will be applied at the checkout in the last step. The discount is linked to Owner/Main Contact.

Letting a property – tax

Sweden: All questions regarding tax on rental income can be referred to the Swedish Tax Agency and its advisors at www.skatteverket.se or 0771-567 567

Norway: All questions regarding taxation of rentals can be referred to the Norwegian Tax Administration and its advisors by phone on 800 80 000 (if calling from abroad +47 22 07 70 00) or skatteetaten.no

Cleaning service

SkiStar offers a cleaning service for all properties. At some properties it is included in the price paid by the guest and is obligatory. At others guests can choose to do the cleaning themselves or call in SkiStar.
Owners are responsible for carrying out or booking pre-season cleaning and spring cleaning if they are letting over the summer. Cleaning can be booked with SkiStar or carried out by owners as specified in the checklist in Appendix 4.


If you let your property through SkiStar it’s important to inform your insurance company. Most insurers have a rental supplement to ensure that, if your property is damaged and you don’t receive your rental income for a particular period, you can claim compensation for the lost income from your insurance company.

For more information about the terms and conditions of the agreement see Appendix 1. SkiStar is generally liable for damage caused by SkiStar staff or guests. In some cases home insurance can be taken out and SkiStar will be responsible for the excess. SkiStar does not repair normal wear and tear; it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the property is maintained in good order.

Pricing, optimising income and SkiStar Stars - FAQs

SkiStar is marketed extensively, both by traditional means and on social media, with a focus on generating visits to www.skistar.com. Booking accommodation is often the first step when planning a ski holiday or summer holiday in the mountains and that's why our collaboration with our property owners is so important to us.

What does SkiStar do to optimise the income from my property?

Our marketing optimisation aims to maintain a high and consistent level of occupancy, i.e. the highest possible income for the owner in each winter season.

Prices are dynamic, market-driven and based on demand. We monitor the booking situation and adjust the pricing accordingly. This means that the price is lower in periods of lower demand. When we see demand increasing, prices are adjusted upwards. We launch marketing campaigns when we see the need, to increase occupancy and hence owner income.

What does dynamic pricing mean?

We do not have fixed price lists. We monitor the booking situation and adjust the prices on the basis of customer demand.

I have really good occupancy; can you increase the price?

Good occupancy = the right price! If we increase the price too much, we risk reducing occupancy and hence income. Prices are dynamic, revised regularly and determined by demand.

How are SkiStar’s 1-5-star ratings calculated?

All properties on www.skistar.com are awarded a SkiStar Star rating which indicates the standard of the property. Guests must be able to recognise it at any of the destinations and it indicates the internal condition and standard of the accommodation.

The star represents a combination of factual details, function and standard.

When new properties are taken on, all details such as size, number of beds, year of construction/renovations etc. are recorded. We also note the facilities provided. There is a demand for ski storage, double beds, drying cupboards, washing machines, terraces/balconies, fireplaces and saunas. These are not a requirement, but they help to maintain good occupancy.

In addition to this, a standard assessment is also carried out to determine the condition and wear and tear on surfaces and furniture, whether the lighting is functional, etc.

How do SkiStar stars affect the pricing?

SkiStar Stars indicate the standard of the property. Similar properties of a different standard may have a different number of stars and hence a different price. The star rating doesn’t take account of factors such as location, which directly affect the price.

It's important to carry out maintenance on your property every year to maintain a good standard. If the property isn’t adequately maintained and renovated, the number of SkiStar Stars may be reduced over time, affecting bookings and income.

The Owner Service team must be notified if you upgrade or make changes to the property, so they can review the details and rate the property. If the changes affect the number of SkiStar Stars, the prices may be adjusted once we have changed the property description and added new images to out website. If major renovations are carried out, the property cannot be offered at the revised price until all details and images are available.

Contact the Owner Service team before making changes to your property so we can help you with tips and ideas to increase bookings.

How can i make my property more attractive for guests to book?

There are some factors that owners can’t easily influence, such as location; but there are things that guests always look for on skistar.com: free WiFi, choice of materials, standard of furniture and decor, standard of kitchen and bathroom, standard of outdoor furniture, open fire/log burner, sauna, double bed, washing machine, drying facilities for shoes and clothes, electric car charger, etc.

Are we taking on properties in your area at the moment?

We work with properties close to the slopes. We are interested in all types and sizes of property.


When renovating/making changes to the lodging, it is essential you notify SkiStar Owner Services in plenty of time. Changes may not be made during the current sale period as guests will be given the wrong impression and may claim compensation for the lodging not matching the text and image. That cost then falls on the owner who made the change.
During the renovation period, SkiStar may need to lock your lodging for rent. The lodging will be reopened for rent once a re-examination of facts and standards has been done, with any revised pricing and SkiStar star rating. When adding facilities such as drying cupboards, fireplaces, saunas, etc., Owner Services will forward the information to the revenue optimisers, who will assess whether this affects the lodging’s star rating and price.

Regular renovations help to maintain the existing condition of the lodging and thus Skistar’s star rating and price level, which we and SkiStar’s guests appreciate. It is not always a renovation that brings an increase in stars and prices, but it may prevent us from lowering them unless ongoing maintenance and renovations are carried out by the owners.

Electric car charger

The demand for accommodations with electric car chargers is increasing. Guests can search for charging stations as an option on www.skistar.com to find accommodations which offer it. It does not affect the price of your accommodation, but can increase attractiveness from guests who request charging options. 

In order for us to publish correct information on the web page, please inform Owner service/accommodation recruiter about:

  1. Whether the accommodation has a charging point
  2. What type of charger (Type 1, 2, or Tesla charger)
  3. Whether it is included in the price or not

Some suppliers offer owners the possibility to charge guests. In that case, the owner needs to ensure that there is a payment solution for the guest. SkiStar cannot administer or charge quests for electricity costs based on consumption.