Owner weeks and benefits

Lodging owners can enjoy a variety of benefits; these will vary depending on how many weeks your lodging is available for rental during the upcoming winter season.

The benefits are based on you the owner satisfying the criteria for the Black, Red, Blue or Green categories. Offers cannot be combined with other discounts.

Don't miss out! Sign brokerage agreement with benefit category "Red" by 30 September and receive a SEK 1,500 gift card valid at skistar.com.

Owner weeks

It goes without saying that when you rent out your lodging through us, you can choose to use a certain number of weeks during the winter season for yourself. Your benefit category is determined by the number of weeks you use the property yourself (so-called owner weeks), as well as the period you select. Regardless of your benefit category, you can always book additional owner weeks when the lodging is available two weeks before arrival. The table below shows you how many weeks and periods you can book for each benefit category. 

Benefits 2023/24

What's what

What do peak season, owner weeks and other terms mean?

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