Here's how it works

Renting out your lodging through us is safe, simple and convenient. We offer lodgings that are located in the vicinity of our ski destinations, and we help you every step of the way from photographing and marketing the property to handing over keys to the guests, providing an on-call service and departure inspections.

We take on new lodgings for rental throughout the year. Before taking on your lodging for rental we always perform an inspection based on which we then price your property. You are paid according to how your lodging is equipped, the condition it’s in, the location with respect to lifts and city centre facilities, size, etc. We operate according to dynamic pricing, which means that demand controls the price.


  • Marketing of lodging on, which gets over 17 million visits per year.
  • Dynamic pricing to optimise your income.
  • Key handover.
  • Cleaning materials and cleaning/damage inspection between departure and arrival.
  • Cabin and property service with on-call service 24/7 during the winter season.
  • Maintenance and minor repairs.


In order for your lodging to be rented out by us it must meet our basic requirements.

Bedrooms should have storage space (wardrobe/dresser and hooks), a bedside lamp and blind or curtains that can be drawn shut. All of the beds must have good quality mattresses (preferably with springs) with a mattress topper and mattress protector. Pillows and duvets must be washable.

The kitchen/dining area and living room must both have the same number of seats as the number of sleeping places in the lodging. 

Bathrooms must be equipped with a shower and WC. All surfaces must be sealed. We do not accept any lodgings with visible damage, such as cracks or damaged joints in the surface layer.

Exterior - We recommend an external ski storage. The plot must be clean and any building materials etc. removed.

In addition to your lodging having undamaged and clean walls, ceilings and furniture and good general lighting, it must also meet the following criteria:

  • Approved electrical installations, ventilation systems and fireplaces, if any.
  • Fire protection equipment according to regulations.
  • Cleaning equipment and a good vacuum cleaner.
  • TV subscription with standard channels included.
  • We recommend that any textiles are easy to maintain and durable and advise against light colours.
  • We need several keys for each lodging.

Satisfied guests are happy to return to the same lodging. So make sure that all furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. are intact and clean. We are happy to provide tips and ideas on measures and maintenance to get your lodging in tip-top condition.


You are welcome to contact us at any time of the year, but as the winter season is our peak season, we may take longer to reply from October-December. To make sure that your lodging is bookable by the start of the winter season, we recommend that you contact us in plenty of time.

We take a look at the information about your property. If it is of interest, we will ask you for more information and then carry out an inspection of the property, which will be used as the basis for our pricing. We will inform you of any work that needs to be done to the property before letting and then we can sign the contract.

Next, you need to supplement with photos. You can either take your own photos using our photo guide and then upload your photos to the system or buy the service from a photographer. SkiStar has photographers we work with and can put you in touch. We then build up your accommodation in our system with facts and pictures. How long the process takes is individual and depends, among other things, on any measures that need to be taken and our workload at the time.

If you, as the owner, bring your pets with you, then your lodging must be rented out as pet-friendly, but with consideration for people with allergies. Our guests are increasingly asking to bring their pets on holiday, so if you could consider allowing pets in your lodging, you may get more bookings.

Prices, and therefore income, vary depending on where the lodging is located, what facilities it has and the condition it is in.

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Prices are dynamic, market-driven and based on demand. We monitor the booking situation and adjust the prices accordingly and focus our sales on wherever we spot a need to increase occupancy and hence your revenue.

The number of weeks you get each winter season is based on which benefit category you belong to. For the Blue benefit category, the max. number of weeks is eight, and for the Red benefit category, the max. number of weeks is six. As the owner, you are entitled to select your own number of weeks and book them via your owner pages on

Benefits are based on the number of owner weeks you want to use next season. Your owner weeks for the upcoming season must be reported to SkiStar annually by 1 November at the latest or booked via your owner pages. 

  • Black = No owner weeks
  • Red = Max 6 owner weeks, of which max 3 in peak season
  • Blue = Max 8 owner weeks, of which max 4 in peak season
  • Green = Max 8 owner weeks, of which a maximum of 4 in peak season. Submission of weeks no later than April 30 for the coming season

Read more about benefits here »

We use an IT system where all our lodgings are presented in the same way, so that everyone gets equal opportunities to rent their lodging out. This means that none of our owners can influence the text or information displayed in the booking on

If anything breaks or stops working in the lodging, we will do everything we can to ensure that the lodging remains in a rentable condition. For example, if the dishwasher stops working, we will either fix it or put in a temporary dishwasher until the problem is resolved. 

Depending on what has broken and what the cause of the damage is, guests may be liable to pay for any damage/repairs. In the event of damage to the lodging, such as broken household goods or water damage, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company.

If you rent out your property through SkiStar, it is important that you inform your insurance company that you intend to rent out your lodging as most companies have a rental supplement. This means that if your property is damaged and you don’t receive your rental income for a particular period, you can claim compensation for the lost income from your insurance company.

If you have a company-owned lodging and must account for VAT, you will have to pay rent for your owner weeks. The percentage of revenue will be slightly lower, but the cost of the spring clean and pre-season clean is included in the agreement. In order for optional tax liability to be applicable to you as the owner, the property must be rented out (to SkiStar) for permanent use in a VAT-payable business. It is not possible to restrict use to specific times, e.g. only rent in the winter and retain use of the property in summer. For the same reason, you must rent back the property on market terms from SkiStar for the amount of time you want to spend in the lodging. As SkiStar rents the whole of the lodging from the owner and rents it out in its own name, the owner does not retain a right of use during the rental period. Otherwise, this would affect the tax paid by the owner on renting it out. The market price is equivalent to the current guest price minus a 20% discount. The rent is paid in advance and your share of the rent, as the owner, is paid via the usual owner settlement or invoicing process. For more information on voluntary tax liability, see