Contact Vacation Club

Do you have questions about Vacation Club? Please stop by, call or email us!

We are open Mon – Fri 10:00–15:00.

Tel. +46-280 881 25

Vacation Club in Lindvallen

Experium Lindvallen
780 91 Sälen

Our office in Lindvallen is located on the third floor of Experium. 
The staircase is located outdoors to the left of the entrance to Stadium.

Vacation Club in Åre

Årevägen 150
837 52 Åre

Vacation Club in Stockholm

SkiStar Sälen-Hammarbybacken
Hammarby fabriksväg 111
120 66 Stockholm


Tel. member service
(English speaking)
08-587 703 98 

You are of course always welcome to contact SkiStar Vacation Club regardless what you need. But if the issue relates directly to your RCI membership or bookings at RCI resorts/RCI Points Partners, you will receive the best service if you contact RCI directly.


SkiStar central switchboard 0280-880 50
SkiStar booking 0771-84 00 00
SkiStar Sälen Accommodation Services 0280-866 00
SkiStar Åre Accommodation Services
0647-177 30
SkiStar Vemdalen Accommodation Services
0684-153 37