Boka Home Week

If you are an RCI Member and wish to use or rent out your share for the next season, then don't forget to book it for your own use.

If you want to use or rent your share, this must be notified to RCI 12 to 13 months in advance, i.e. at the latest by the Friday before your arrival date this year. Otherwise, you're automatically allocated points and your week becomes bookable for RCI members. You can always change your Home Week in favour of points; if you cancel 90 days or more before arrival date all points will be refunded.

You must remember to make the choice each year. If you are unsure, I recommend that you always book for your own use as you can always cancel later if you want points instead.

You book by calling RCI Member Services at 08-587 703 98 (have your member number at hand) or by logging into your account at rci.comOn the home page , you can see your week by clicking on 'SEARCH FOR A HOLIDAY'. In the middle of the image below you'll see the text 'Home Reservation Search', click on this and enter the information required.