Our properties offer high exchange points in RCI, giving you the opportunity to book several weeks, larger properties and to travel to more exotic destinations than you might otherwise.

Make the booking yourself at

Register account

If you have not already created an account, do so by clicking on 'REGISTER' in the right corner of the home page at Then follow the instructions and fill in the fields in accordance with the information you entered in the RCI agreement you signed. Your RCI membership number has been sent to you by email and RCI will also have sent this in the regular post.

Confirmation in writing, including a booking confirmation number in writing, will then be sent to you by e-mail (if specified) or by regular post (in this case, the confirmation may take 1-2 weeks).

Note: Please note that a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you which you need to bring with you to the check-in.

Booking fees

Booking fees differ somewhat and are determined by the number of days that the reservation relates to. A fee/accommodation reservation fee (where appropriate this also applies to partner products). 

A booking fee

  • Book two weeks in the same apartment size at the same RCI points resort.

Multiple booking fees

  • If you choose to e.g. swap accommodation during one single holiday, each swap counts as an accommodation reservation.
  • For RCI Week resorts you always pay two booking fees even if you book two consecutive weeks of accommodation at the same facility.