BRF Timmerbyn 4

The tenant-owner's association (BRF) Timmerbyn 4 has 8 apartments with 51 shares in each. Unsold shares are owned by Fjällinvest AB. Three weeks, two in the spring and one in autumn, have been set aside for maintenance work.

BRF Timmerbyn 4 Registration No. 769632-5989
Fjällinvest AB Registration No. 556426-8380
Property designation Västra Sälen 3:102
Board members Jonas Bauer, Stefan Andersson, Bo Eriksson 

Bo Eriksson
070-529 65 04

Nomination Committee  

The first annual general meeting will be held after a full year of operation.


For questions about the association finances,
articles, AGM related information, etc.

Bo Eriksson 
SkiStar AB 
070-529 65 04

Switchboard telephone 0280-880 50

For questions concerning member registers,
inventories, etc.
Pia Sundberg
Administration/member service
SkiStar Vacation Club
Phone 0280 -881 25 
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