How it works

RCI assigns each time share week a certain score in their system, RCI points. This is the point system you use to swap your holiday week in the Swedish mountains against a holiday at any of the 4,000 RCI hotels worldwide.

  • The week you own has been assigned a specific number of points. Regardless of if your week is rented, you will receive your points and are hence always guaranteed a week (or more) at your dream destination. Obviously you can swap your week for a week at any time during the year.
  • RCI scores weeks based on a number of factors including availability and apartment standard which means you can usually get 2-3 weeks (depending on where and when you travel) in other places in the world in exchange for your week in Sälen.
  • You can save your points for two years. That way you can travel to more luxurious facilities or stay away for longer.
  • If your points are not enough you can borrow from next year or buy additional points.
  • If you don't use all your points you can share them with friends and family by using the RCI guest card.

How much does it cost?

RCI charges an annual fee paid in connection with the Use of Year restart. You will be prompted to pay this via email. You can pay by phone/autoresponder (touch-tone telephone), over the phone with a call centre operator, using your online banking or via Bank Giro.

The membership fee is SEK 1,150/year, except for the first year which is free. So you don't need to pay a thing until the second year.

Booking your own week (Home Week) 13-12 months before the arrival date SEK 0.

Reservation of Home Resort 12-11 months before arrival date, SEK 645.

Reservation of Home Group 11-10 months before arrival date, SEK 1,200.

Normal booking (other hotel) 10-0 months before arrival date SEK 1,200.

Guest certificate (for someone else to travel using your membership) SEK 460.

Save points that expire SEK 385.

Transfer points to another member's RCI account SEK 620.