Group training classes

Discover our exciting range of classes. We have something for everyone.


Versatile workout with equipment or your own body weight. Strength, mobility, stability, fitness. Exercises challenge and strengthen the whole body.

Strengthen your core with abs and back exercises. Improve your posture and prevent injuries.

Get the most out of your workout with this effective, high-intensity interval workout. 

Strength and mobility training with a focus on the abs and back. Injury prevention exercise that improves posture and builds a strong and balanced body. 

Fun stories, movement and relaxation for little ones. Play and get to know your body without performance. The recommended age is 3-7 years. Accompanying adult free of charge. 

Soft Hot Yoga
Wonderful yoga in our 45-degree studio. The warmth and soft yoga increase your circulation, mobility and relaxation. 

Soma Move
Strength train in a way that not only adds muscle mass but also makes you relaxed and more flexible. The goal is to achieve a balance between strength and flexibility, where the muscles can be engaged optimally without creating tension.

The class focuses on endurance strength. Here you work with barbells and weight plates. You train strength and endurance throughout the body in a simple and fun way to music.

Yang Yoga
A physical yoga class suitable for all levels. The breathing and yoga positions build strength, endurance and flexibility.

Yin Yoga
Stretch away stiffness and stress with this meditative yin yoga. A gentle complement to exercise and physical activity. 

Running in a lovely mountain environment. Intervals at different paces. Warm-up, warm-down and stretch.

A technique where you focus on breathing to achieve physical and mental health. Get the flow going in your body with the help of movement, breathing and stretching. We release tension and prevent pain.


3-7 years: Saga Yoga with an adult
11-14 years: all passes with an adult
15-17 years: all passes on their own


45-60 mins - SEK 200/class or valid subscription.

Group training

Yoga, pilates, strength with a barbell or core. Welcome to try one of our great group exercise classes and replenish your body with new energy.

Group training

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