Sauna world

The Sauna world offers a wonderful contrast to your adventures in the mountains. A chance to recover and soak in new energy in a relaxing environment. A world to feel good in, for all the senses. Wind down and enjoy a unique sauna atmosphere.


At the Sauna world, you can experience and enjoy all of the following: a steam bath, saunarium (a sauna with increased humidity), Finnish sauna, caldarium, Kneipp, an ice hole, hot spring, experience rain, icicles and a sky fall. Here you'll also find the sauna bar which offers, among other things, light lunches and healthy smoothies. We also serve alcoholic beverages. Relax in the relaxation room with an inspiring mountain view and a fruity cocktail drink in hand. 

Minimum age 18 years; youths aged 12-17 welcome when accompanied by an adult.

Our saunas and sauna experiences

Steam bath 
Temperature: 45 °C
Air humidity: 100 %
A bath with a unique mix of heat and moister. The vapour is good for you airways and strengthen the immune system. Promotes circulation and moisturizes the skin.

Temperature: 55-60 °C
Air humidity: 40-55 %
A relaxing sauna with aromas and a comfortable temperatures. Good health effects, cleanses both body and mind.  

Finnish sauna
Temperature: 90 °C
Air humidity: 10 %
A hot dry sauna. Increases circulation and strengthens the body's immune system. Give body and mind a renewed life.

Temperature: 45-50 °C
Air humidity: ca 20 %
A Roman heated room with aromas and sound therapy. The heat radiates from the walls, the floors and the seats, and gives a deep relaxation and thorough cleansing. Good for tense muscles, stress and joint pain.

A walk in the Kneipp with cold and hot water increases blood circulation.

Ice bathing
Go for a dip in the wake. 10°C icy cold, and truly refreshing experience.

Hot springs
37 °C comfortable relaxation. Let your body just sink in, and relax.

The Icicle
Cool off with freshly fetched ice.

Ice rain and tropical rain
Let it rain! Try an uplifting and cooling blue ice rain or a warm red tropical rain.

Sky fall
An icy cold experience for those of you who dares to pull the cord on the bucket.

Relaxation room
Find your place. Take a deep breath. Look at the mountains outside. Breathe out. Enjoy.

Pre-book your visit

Our spa is popular so to be sure to get a place, it is good to book well in advance. We offer several different spa experiences, choose the one that suits you best. During certain times, the sauna world is open to the whole family - Family Spa.