Experium adventure Pool

A water adventure awaits you here, with water slides, waves, currents, an outdoor pool, bubbles and massage jets!


The Adventure Pool at Experium is a full 3,000 square metres and offers adventure and excitement for the whole family. In addition to waves, currents, water sprays and bubbles, there are also two adrenaline-fuelled 100-metre water slides and a shorter slide for the younger ones.

For a calmer pace and relaxation, there are pools with bubbles and massaging jet streams. You can also wind down in the 37-degree outdoor hot pool with water jets for neck and foot massage.

Right in the midst of the water park, there is a pool bar where you can re-charge your batteries, and choose from ice cream and hot and cold drinks. 

Opening hours

20 June-18 August
Every day 09:00-19:30
22 August-29 September
Thu 12:00-18:30
Fri-Sat 09:00-18:30

Pool Café

Serving light refreshments, drinks, coffee and ice cream. You can also book a FlowRider® here.


Large pool

  • 180-130 cm deep, 32 degrees.
  • Incorporates a number of massaging areas.

Round pool

  • 130 cm deep, 32 degrees.
  • Current every hour to either float in, or challenge yourself and swim against the tide.

Outdoor pool

  • 130 cm deep, 37 degrees.
  • Outdoor swimming pool with views of the ski slopes. Jets for neck and foot massage.


  • A fast-paced, roughly 100-metre water slide that you ride in rubber rings.
  • Recommended age: 6 years. 

Black Hole

How fast can you go on this 100-metre water slide? The Black Hole is timed, so you can challenge your friends and family! The tunnel features flashing lights to make the ride that little bit more exciting. Recommended age: 8 years.

Family slide

  • A shorter slide for those a little younger.
  • 40 cm deep landing.


  • 37 degrees.

Deep kids' pool

  • 80 cm deep, 32 degrees.
  • Features water cannons, bubble jets from the bottom, water sprays and two small slides.

Small kids' pool

  • 15 cm deep, 32 degrees.
  • A swimming pool for the littlest ones, with fun water sprays.

Information and rules 

Swim and ride the water slides as much as you like for three hours. Make sure you arrive in good time before your visit. Time for changing will be available after bathing. Children and youth aged 0-11 may visit us when accompanied by a paying adult. Youths 12 years and older unaccompanied by an adult must be able to swim at least 200 metres.

Mobile telephones, cameras and monitors are banned inside the water park. This is to ensure safer bathing. In the FlowRider, you may photograph and film your own private group.

You’ll be issued with an armband upon entry, which is an electronic key to your locker and a form of payment inside the swimming and sauna area. All adult armbands are charged with a credit of SEK 800. Pay for your used credit at the exit when checking in your armband. Lost armbands cost SEK 800.

Worth considering for everyone's comfort:
• ALWAYS shower before entering the pool and sauna.
• Babies and toddlers must ALWAYS wear a swimsuit
(free entry).
• Underwear must NOT be worn under swimwear.
• Bathing is at your own risk and parents/guardians are responsible
for their children.
• Cycling is prohibited in the pool area.
• We are not responsible for your valuables.
• Consumption of your own food and drinks is not permitted.
All food and drinks must be purchased from the Pool Café.

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