Experium’s gym

With Experium's modern gym, equipped with everything from treadmills and free weights to exercise and fitness machines, you won't have to miss any workouts on holiday.

Opening hours

Mon-Sun 05:00-23:00

Access outside Experium's opening hours is via the app. Entrance to the right of Experium's main entrance.

Buy gym tickets through the Go Active! app you can download for Android and iPhone. The gym's ID is 201 000. The app then acts as the key for entry. 

The minimum age limit is 11 if accompanied by a parent or guardian’s permission, or 15 if unaccompanied.

If you have any questions, please contact badspa.experium@skistar.com

PLEASE NOTE! To enter the gym, you pass through a lock. As only one person can be in the lock at a time, everyone in your party will need to download the app to get in.

Price list

Gym Adults Youth 11-17 years & Senior (65+ years)
One-time entry SEK 150 SEK 120
7-day card SEK 350 SEK 280
1 month 450 SEK 380 SEK
3 months 899 SEK 675 SEK
6 months 1 675 SEK 1 255 SEK

Code of conduct:

1. Always allow other members/guests who are training to use the equipment while you are resting.
2. Show consideration when using your mobile phone. Photography and filming must be restricted to yourself and your companions, if you have any with you.
3. Always wear clean training clothes and shoes when you train with us.
4. Shoes must always be worn in the training area.
5. Wipe exercise equipment with paper and spray after use.
6. Return exercise equipment after use.
7. Consumption of alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the gym.
8. The promotion or sale of goods/services is not allowed.
9. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that there may be staff of the opposite sex in our dressing rooms.
10. Children and adolescents under the age of 15 are not allowed to stay in the training facilities unless accompanied by an adult.
11. The gym has camera surveillance.
12. Doping and drugs are strictly prohibited on our premises.

What happens if you do not follow our code of conduct?

SkiStar has the right to suspend your membership for a limited period of time or terminate your membership altogether with immediate effect if you violate our code of conduct, use doping and/or drugs.