Indoor surfing

Try surfing with Experium's unique FlowRider®. Experience the feeling of sliding across the water and becoming one with the wave.

A FlowRider® is a machine that creates perfect surfing opportunities indoors. A thin layer of water flows up a padded hillside, and the water is a couple of decimetres at the deepest. Choose between riding a bodyboard on which you lie, or a flowboard, that resembles a narrow surfboard. 

The surfing is suitable for every kind of rider, and the instructors are more than happy to give individual tips to facilitate your development as much as possible.

Turn, twirl, jump and become one with the wave! 

Tel.: 0280-861 00


Everyone who is surfing must submit a signed ticket to the instructor. The ticket is proof that you have read our safety policy. If you are under 18, the goalkeeper must sign the ticket. You get the ticket when you pay in the Poolcafé or at the pool entrance.

Mobile phones, cameras, GoPros and other POV cameras are not permitted inside the water park and Sauna World. This is to ensure safer bathing. In the FlowRider, you may photograph and film your own private group.

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