SkiStar is only liable for original faults and is not liable for e.g. faults caused by normal wear. The customer must raise a claim against SkiStar for the fault within a reasonable period after the fault was discovered, however no later than 3 years from when the customer received the good. After 3 years the customer loses the right to claim for faults. SkiStar reserves the right to, at its own discretion, either rectify the fault, supply a fault-free good or credit the customer with the amount equivalent to the value of the damaged or lost good.

The customer may not claim for any other consequences against SkiStar. If rectification or a reduction in price is not possible or is not implemented within a reasonable period after the customer raised the claim, the customer may cancel the purchase. In the event of cancellation, the customer is entitled to have refunded what he or she paid to SkiStar in connection with the purchase, provided the good is returned.

To make a claim, please contact SkiStar's customer service.