Exercise and health

In connection with Hammarbybacken, there are lots of exercise options where the sky’s the limit!

Outdoor gym

Right next to Hammarbybacken you will find the outdoor gym. The equipment is made of wood and designed so that you can customise resistance. At each station there are signs with information about which muscle group is being trained.

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No matter what type of runner you are, Hammarbybacken and the surrounding area is perfect. If you like fast hill interval sessions, Hammarbybacken is a great choice, steep enough to suit everyone.

In the Nacka reserve, just a stone's throw from Hammarbybacken, there are a large number of exercise trails of varying length. Several of them are illuminated daily until 10 pm.

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Salomon Vertical Challenge

In Hammarbybacken you will find the Salomon Vertical Challenge, a tough uphill stretch for those looking for a real challenge. You can find the route as a segment in the Strava app. In Strava you can also register your time and challenge other runners.