Before your visit

Here you will find answers to the most frequently-asked questions before your visit to Hammarbybacken. If you need any more information, please contact us and we will help you.

What are your opening hours? 
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Are there options to eat at Hammarbybacken?
Yes, Hammarbybacken Café offers lunch, snacks and coffee & sweet treats. Drinks and climbing gloves will also be available to purchase up by the climbing park. Hammarbybacken also offers places where the whole family can enjoy a picnic and packed lunch outside.

Are there toilets at Hammarbybacken?
Yes, there are several toilets adjacent to Hammarbybacken Café. 

Are there changing rooms?
No, there are no changing rooms. A tip is to arrive in what you plan to wear with us. 

Is SkiStarshop Hammarbybacken open in the summer?
Yes, you can buy tickets to all the attractions or print your pre-booked tickets if you so wish. You can also rent skiing aquipment for the SummerSki and buy climbing gloves, water bottles etc.

Can I park at Hammarbybacken?
There are only a few parking areas at Hammarbybacken, but there are both larger parking areas and a parking garage in Sickla Köpkvarter.

Other questions

What about downhill cycling on the slopes?
We will not be offering any downhill skiing in Hammarbybacken due to the fact that both lifts are needed for SummerSki and Mountain Coaster. However, we have developed the Flow Trail and Pump Track in our long-term plan for Hammarbybacken. There are still great facilities for MTB/XC cycling in the area, not least in the nearby Nacka Reserve.

Will I still be able to run/train on the slopes the way I want to?
Yes, there will still be opportunities to run and train on and around the mountain. The outdoor gym will also be retained until further notice. 

Will Hammarbybacken be open all year round?
 With the new major venture, Hammarbybacken will be open for most of the year, but it will probably be shorter in late autumn in connection with the snow laying and in the early spring in connection with the snow melting.