Tickets and prices

Choose from single rides, clipper cards and many other variations depending on the attraction. Booking is required for all attractions, so to guarantee a spot, we recommend that you pre-book your ticket. Please note that you also have to book a time-slot for the Climbing park.

Climbing park

An exciting adventure in the middle of the city with 7 high-altitude courses, about 60 obstacles and a 100 m long zipline.

From 36,50 EUR/person

Mountain Coaster

Whisk down Hammarbybacken along an approximately 800 m long track at 40 km/h with a view of the entire city.

From 9 EUR/person


Experience Hammarbybacken's range of activities on a pass where you can be as active as you want to be for three hours. The HammarbybackenPasset gives you access to SummerSki, Mountain Coaster and Mountain Tube and more, in one and the same pass.

From 31 EUR/person

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Mountain tube

Three courses of over 50 meters, perfect for the whole family and butterflies in your stomach is a guarantee.

From 9 EUR/person


Skiing in the middle of summer, on a 9000 sqm large surface. There will also be a park with about 10 features.

From 26,50 EUR/person

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