The mood and atmosphere in Åre is unique. This small picturesque village is the core of Scandinavia's most cosmopolitan skiing destination.
There is contemporary shopping here, a large selection of restaurants and an extensive nightlife. The mighty mountains are just a lift trip away, with extremely varied skiing for all tastes.

The slopes in Åre's three destinations vary from beginner-friendly to crazy-steep and suit all tastes.


When you go on a mountain trip to Duved, you come to a skiing destination with a calm pace. The skiing is so good that ski instructors and professionals come here in their free time.
In Duved and Tegefjäll, the snow is light and powdery. The descents are plentiful and it never gets crowded.
A new chairlift is being built for winter 2014 in Tegefjäll, descents have been widened and the forest has been thinned out. This will be the new winter 'hang out'!

Åre By

Do you want to go to a place with energy, world-class skiing and a nightlife that not many Swedish towns can compete with? Then head to Åre By. With its many slopes, varied terrain and modern lift system, Åre offers the best skiing in Scandinavia.
If you are taking your friends along on your dream ski holiday and you are looking for entertainment both day and night, then Åre By is just the place for you!

Åre Björnen

Åre Björnen is the place for all cool families with children!
Everything necessary for a successful mountain holiday is here, whether you are a child or an adult.

The children's ski dream
Åre Björnen is tailored for children and families with children, which is reflected in the range of slopes available. The focus is on beginners and children's slopes. Here, children can explore the ski system themselves and if it's more challenging slopes you're after, then Åre's entire ski system is just around the corner.