Layer 1
Choose your underwear, thermals and socks in wool or synthetics. Wool keeps you warm even if it gets damp, it smells less but is slower to wick away moisture. Garments made of synthetic materials can feel cooler and wick moisture away from the body very effectively.

Choose 3/4-length thermal underwear and socks that reach the knee. This can prevent unnecessary chafing from lumpy trouser legs. Two to three sets of thermal underwear and three pairs of socks is about right for a week of skiing. Once you've been sweating into the thermal underwear and socks for a couple of days, small salt crystals clog the pores of the material and the moisture wicking feature degrades, at which point it's time to switch to a clean set.

Layer 2
A middle layer can be a thinner training shirt or a thin and smooth down or insulation jacket if you're frozen. Think of what kind of jacket you have above all. If you have a lined jacket you may only need a cooler mid-layer. If, on the other hand, you have a shell jacket, you should pack a heat-insulating middle layer for really cold days. The same goes for your legs. If you're frozen stiff, a pair of down shorts is an excellent choice. A pair of trousers, two shirts and a thin down or insulation jacket will get you a long way.

Layer 3
The outer garments should be wind and water repellent, preferably with ventilation openings. Whether you go for a shell suit or a lined jacket and trousers is up to you.


From head to toe

A helmet is a given on the slopes. Sometimes it can be nice to have something underneath, a thin helmet hat, a headband or a balaclava that also protects the face. Try it out at home so it doesn't feel tight or awkward. Also, make sure that your goggles sit well with the helmet. Speaking of goggles, invest in a pair of interchangeable lenses, it increases your chances of good visibility all week, even when the weather changes.

Remember to layer up even when it comes to gloves. Start with a thin liner closest to hand, if it's really cold, then a thicker mitten or glove. Wet and cold gloves are not fun, be sure to have a spare pair with you to swap into. There's no skiing holiday without boots, skis and poles, so be sure not to leave them at home!

In addition to your skiing gear, don't forget clothes for being cosy at home or for dinner out at a restaurant. Also, don't forget your swimwear for a lovely sauna session or a visit to one of our water parks. If you do happen to forget to pack something, you can always supplement or upgrade your equipment with us at our SkiStarshop Concept Store in the mountains. See you soon!