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EQPE Sight Magnetic Small Face Deep Black Brown/Silver mirror & Purple Extra Lens

999 SEK

Selected variant: Brown/Silver mirror & Purple Extra Lens

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Ski goggles with magnetic attachment for quick, easy lens changes

Sight Magnetic Small Face is a pair of goggles for a slightly smaller face. You get one pair of cylindrical lenses for sunny conditions plus a lens for poorer light conditions. The lens change is easy and hassle-free with the magnetic lens attachment and can easily be done with gloves on.

The lenses have 100% UV protection that protects your eyes from harmful sun rays, as well as a surface treatment that prevents fogging on the lens and a coating to prevent scratches.

Developed to meet the demands of skiing and snowboarding, these goggles have split-safe polycarbonate lenses and double lens for added safety, durability and insulation. The triple layer of foam lining with fleece provides comfort, while the ventilated frame prevents fogging and ensures optimal air circulation.

The adjustable strap has anti-slip material that guarantees a good and comfortable fit, which keeps your goggles on seats. In addition, a microfibre bag is included for cleaning and storing your goggles.

These goggles are best suited to a slightly smaller to normal size face. For exact measurements, see the detailed list.

So get yourself a new focus for the upcoming ski seasons with Sight Magnetic Small Face!