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Storm Care ST Eco Twin 225ml - Wash In One Colour

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Everything you need to take care of your technical clothes: Apparel Wash, Apparel Proof.

This pack comes with everything you need to take care of your technical clothes: Apparel Wash, Apparel Proof, both 225 ml (sufficient for 3 uses each).

Instead of having to wash first and then waterproof afterwards, Storm has developed a unique system that allows you to wash and waterproof in a single cycle. Place STORM CARE Wash in your washing machine just as you would with a detergent and STORM CARE Proof instead of a rinsing agent. Set your machine according to the garment's label instructions. When the bike is done, all you need to do is dry your garment. The ability to wash and waterproof in a single washing cycle saves water, energy, time and our planet.

Technical garments have a membrane and DWR coating that ensures that the garment performs at its highest level and does not absorb water or get wet. DWR performance may decrease due to dirt, sweat, grease, detergent and general use. Dirt and debris accumulates on the surface and in the microscopic pores of the fabric, which can lead to reduced breathability and water repelling. That's why it's important to keep the garment clean to ensure it performs as intended.

Proper cleaning revitalizes the fabric without harming any active DWR treatment. The use of ordinary household detergent is not appropriate when it comes to the care of technical outer clothing, as it damages the DWR on the garment. They contain many compounds that do not favour performance, such as bleach, dyes, enzymes and perfumes.

When a garment is new and just dirty, a simple clean can be all you need. However, an older garment may require a little more care as it loses its water repellent ability over time, which can easily be restored with the addition of an impregnation.

A huge 91% of the discarded plastic is not recycled. With Storm's focus on being a climate-positive company, they have developed their new easily recyclable aluminium range of bottles.