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Storm Care ST Down Wash 225ml One Colour

99 SEK

Selected variant: One Colour

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Specially designed cleaning agent for down filled items

Shake the bottle and pour 75 ml into the detergent compartment. (If the item needs to be waterproofed, use an appropriate Storm Proofer). Wash according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Make sure the item is completely dry and has been fluffed well during drying.

Down garments contain down balls that are kept inside pockets. Down is a very sensitive material, so it is important to ensure that the natural oils on the down are not removed during the cleaning process. Cleaning a down filled garment or item can be done at home. However, it is not recommended to use a standard household detergent as it may reduce the lofting potential for high-quality down. Our Storm Down Cleaner with balanced pH makes cleaning gentle against the fibres so that they remain soft to the touch, maximum fluff and retain their intended performance. When cleaning down, select a gentle program and then tumble dry. Dry longer than expected and pause drying to manually fluff the item and ensure that the down is evenly distributed throughout the garment.