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Houdini Go Shorts M Sandstorm

Lightweight, durable and super comfortable shorts made for adventure and everyday wear

What makes them special?
Go Shorts are designed for active living - wear them for everything from summer cycling trips to adventures like climbing, hiking and kayaking. The combination of low weight and durable construction makes Go Shorts super versatile and durable. Go are the perfect shorts for most activities during the warmer season.

How do they work?
Men's Go Shorts are made with Prime RipstopTM, a fully recyclable fabric that is lightweight, stretchy and super comfortable to wear. The durable ripstop construction features mechanical stretch and a perfect combination of air permeability and wind resistance. Go Shorts feature a 100% PFAS-free water-repellent impregnation that keeps them dry during kayaking or short rain showers on the hike.

Go Shorts have a large thigh pocket and two open hand pockets, one of them with a zippered pocket inside for your valuables.

When should I use it?
Go Shorts are men's multi-function shorts designed for adventure and everyday wear. The durable ripstop construction makes them tough enough for climbing, and the fabric's PFAS-free water-repellent coating and superb wind-resistant properties make Go Shorts perfect for activities such as kayaking and hiking. Go Shorts are stretchy, smooth and super comfortable.

This garment is fully recyclable and we ask that you return it to us when it is completely worn out. Nothing is wasted and we can make new products from the raw materials. We have recycling points in all our stores and at many retailers.