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Therm-ic Baselayer S.E.T. Shirt +BP M Svart

3999 SEK

Selected variant: Svart

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Thermal underwear top with built-in heating

When you set out on an adventure, layering is the key to protecting you from the elements. However, depending on the activity and the weather conditions, layering can be difficult to regulate your body temperature. To make sure your adventures don't have to be limited, Therm-ic has developed a breathable, electrically heated base layer top that allows you to stay focused on what really matters.

The sweater combines innovative S.E.T.® thermal technology with thermoregulation knitting techniques to ensure a perfect body microclimate and eliminate the need for extra layers, for greater freedom of movement. The thin and elastic S.E.T® heating loop has been placed on part of the back to protect against the cold. Connected to the S.E.T.® Body Pack, the heat conduction system efficiently distributes heat over the back for greater comfort.

The heat-insulating structures and breathable systems have been strategically placed to work in support of S.E.T.® technology. In the stomach area, Moisture-Vent Technology absorbs moisture from the skin and transports it to the base layer via micro channels, allowing moisture to escape, which in turn keeps you dry. Buffer-cones on shoulders and elbows provide better heat control and excellent insulation. This three-dimensional knitting technology captures the heated air in the buffer tissues and creates a buffer zone to protect against the cold.