Our customers place high demands on their equipment and clothing for mountain environments, says Anders Aspgård, Manager of Skistarshop. EQPE has managed to combine good quality for the conscious customer at an attractive price. This is done by using smart solutions when it comes to design as well as materials.

EQPE's vision from the start has been to make stylish, functional and comfortable clothing that makes it possible for everyone to venture into nature. The mountains can often be a precarious place, in winter or summer, in spring or autumn. This places high demands on the equipment you rely on. Because in this environment clothing can basically be likened to equipment, says Felicia Engerdahl, Product Manager for EQPE.

 The concept was very well received. Never before have this many people discovered the Scandinavian mountains and the activities they offer, during winter as well as summer. And they have been able to enjoy it at its best and share wonderful experiences, says Anders. 

Many have told us how the equipment really enhances the mountain experience for families and how they appreciate the functional details that the garments are fitted with. And of course the compliments they get on the slopes.

The exact details that the EQPE garments are equipped with is not something that happened by chance. Felicia Engerdahl explains in detail how the design process went. 
During the development of our garments we have an expert group of over 1000 people who work daily, regardless of weather conditions, all year round. They really know what works and what fits well. This is invaluable knowledge for us during the design process, says Felicia.

The result is a clothing brand that creates high quality equipment, specially adapted for our Scandinavian conditions. At a good price, which makes it possible for as many people as possible to enjoy our fantastic environments. EQPE is the equation; high quality products at a great price.

The result: Equals Perfect.

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