Your hands are one of the first parts to suffer when you are out in the cold. It is therefore worth spending money on a proper pair of gloves, which give good protection and often last considerably longer than cheaper alternatives.

Hestra are a brand with solid experience and are at the cutting edge when it comes to gloves. They have been gathering knowledge and experience since 1936. Here, they share their five best tips when buying a pair of gloves.

  1. Let the activity decide – Choose the glove model based on the activity for which you plan to use it. There is no universal glove that suits everything. Different activities place different pressures on durability, protection, insulation qualities and fine motor skills.
  2. Choose the right size – The size of the glove is important; there must be room for air inside as this is what insulates against the cold. If you need a really warm glove, choose a spacious model (the thin liner you wear inside should however be tight). Try the glove with a liner and be careful not to choose a size that is too small.
  3. For frozen hands – Only thick mittens work well enough for those really cold days, where your fingers are placed next to each other in warm air. If your fingers freeze easily, it’s therefore best to choose mittens and preferably made of leather.
  4. Let the weather decide – The type of weather and climate you will be using your gloves in also affects your choice. In wet conditions you need a glove with a moisture barrier, for example Gore-Tex. In cold, dry conditions, leather is an excellent choice since it insulates better against the contact surface than many other artificial materials.
  5. Extra lining – If you choose a model with removable lining you can buy an extra lining. By using linings in different materials, you can use the same basic/shell glove and adapt the insulation to suit the temperature. Swapping to a dry lining during the day keeps your hands nice and warm.

The text is written in collaboration with:
Hestra/Henrika Lavonius Wike

Hestra/Kent Malm