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Fischer Twin Skin Race Medium IFP Black/Yellow


2799 DKK

Udvalgte variant: Black/Yellow

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Control Step-In IFP


Control Step-In IFP


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Fischer Twin Skin Race Medium IFP

2799 DKK

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-910 DKK

Control Step-In IFP


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-910 DKK

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2799 DKK

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Good choice for the Vasaloppet race!

Twin Skin Race with mohair skins, designed and built to enable consistent and effective grip on extremely hard snow or slippery trails. All to enable you to achieve top performance. Lightweight, stable Air Core construction provides stability at higher speed. A perfect ski for those who want to avoid grip wax and still keep performance up.

Weight recommendations for Fischer Twin Skin Medium:
Ski length 182: 50-59 kg
Ski length 187: 55-64 kg
Ski length 192: 60-74 kg
Ski length 197: 65-79 kg
Ski length 202: 70-84 kg
Ski length 207: 80-94 kg

Weight recommendations for Fischer Twin Skin Stiff:
Ski length 182: 50-69 kg
Ski length 187: 65-79 kg
Ski length 192: 70-84 kg
Ski length 197: 75-94 kg
Ski length 202: 80-104 kg
Ski length 207: 80-95-110> kg