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Snow depth
Vemdalens official snow depth is measured at Vemdalsskalets Högfjällshotell 710 meters above sealevel.

Vemdalsskalets snow depth is measured at 710 masl.

Björnrikes snow depth is measured at 560 masl. (just above Mittliften).

Klövsjös snow depth is measured at about 800 masl. (at the top station Klövsjöfjäll Express).


Vemdalens cross-country trails are prepared by machine. Track width is 5 meter and there are rides for both classic and skateThe trails are prepared as often as necessary to keep them in top condition and always after snowfall.

More information, please call +46 684- 153 00


Track centers:

Björnrike: 2 km, 3 km, 5 km and 7.5 km

Vemdalsskalet: 2.5 km illuminated, 5 km, 7.5 miles, 10 km

Storhogna: 1 km, 4 km, 6.5 km, 9 km

Klövsjö: 2.5 km, 5 km, 8 km

Connecting tracks:

Björnrike - Vemdalsskalet: 6 km

Vemdalsskalet - Storhogna6 km 

Lighted tracks:

Klövsjö holiday village: 3 km lighted. Illuminated trails lit until 22:00 during the winter season.

Björnrike/Blästervallen: 1,6 km lighted. Illuminated trails lit 07:00-23:00 during the winter season.

Vemdalsskalet: 2,5 km lighted. Illuminated trails lit until 22:00 during the winter season.


Björnrike: The big park/Snow park is located in Gråhogna, Valleparken in Björnvallen and Rail Arena at Björnrike Centrat. Skicross in Snobben.

Klövsjö: The big park is located at the top of the ski area. The small park is at Katrinabacken.

Vemdalsskalet: Miniparken and Railarena in Children area.