Lodgebaren Kajsas Fisk

Lodgebaren Kajsas Fisk is a classic lodge-style restaurant with stunning mountain views. With a lively outdoor terrace several months a year and in close proximity to the ski slopes in winter, Lodgebaren is a natural spot for the whole family to get together all year round.

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Phone: +46-280 861 00


Lodgebaren Kajsas Fisk is a classic lodge-style restaurant with stunning views of the mountains. We have developed a menu in collaboration with Kajsas Fisk and jointly created the concept of Lodgebaren Kajsas Fisk. For thirty-five years Kajsas Fisk has been honing its recipes and developing its very own signature dishes using quality-assured ingredients and a great deal of fishy know-how. 

Kajsas Fisk

Kajsas Fisk's menu is now available in the Lodge bar, SkiStar Lodge Experium. The fish restaurant Kajsas Fisk, well known from its Stockholm branch in Hötorgshallen, serves everything from classic fish dishes to its own signature dishes, including its world-famous fish soup.

Kajsas Fisk has been present in Hötorgshallen in Stockholm since the mid-1980s. The fish served at Kajsas Fisk comes mainly from the North Sea and the Arctic Ocean. It is handled with the greatest possible care all the way from the sea to the plate to create the best possible taste experience.

For thirty-five years, owner Mia Nyberg and family have been honing their classic recipes and developing their own affordable signature dishes under the watchwords "Tasty and simple without fuss".

Opening hours 2021/22

16 Dec - 24 April  
Mon-Sun 10:00-23:00
26 May - 3 July  
Mon-Sun 7:30-21:00
4 July - 14 August  
Mon-Sun 7:30-22:00
15 August - 27 November  
Mon-Sun 7:30-21:00

The kitchen closes at 21:00

Welcome to Lodgebaren Kajsas Fisk!