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Völkl Deacon 84 22/23 Blue

Völkl's top ski for the entire mountain!

DEACON 84 has Völkl's innovations, such as the unique "3D. Ridge" design, which produces less vibration and at the same time maximum edge grip, and Titanal Frame, which provides stability without the skis becoming difficult to ski. The sidecutting profile "3 Radius Sidecut" opens up for an even wider experience.

The ski is divided into three sections with a long and safe radius on the front, a very short radius underfoot and finally a medium length radius at the rear. The new sidecut profile together with Völkl's unique rocker shape "XTD Tip and Tail rocker" means you'll have far more fun on the new DEACON 84 Lowride at lower speeds with low edge angles at the same time as the longer radius at the back and front calm down the ski when you go at really high speeds. So: short and fun radius when you want it - long and stable radius when that's better! Added to this are the Marker LowRide XL bindings unique for DEACON 80/84 which provides a quicker behaviour from edge-to-edge.
DEACON 84 is a little harder and steadier than its little brother DEACON 80 and is suitable for those who either weigh more, have trained on snow-free surface or simply ride with maximum power and precision on all surfaces- freshly pisted, churned, artificial snow, icy, spring slush or loose powder.