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Oakley Clifden Polished Black Prizm Ruby Polarized

If you want to be the coolest on the slopes then Oakley Clifden is your next purchase

Oakley Clifden are designed to give your eyes the best protection against the sun when you're out in bright sunlight.
Clifden has Unobtainium® rubber on the nose piece. In addition, the goggles have side protection and removable nose protection in the same Unobtainium material, so you are well protected from the sun. Unobtainium is a material that made Oakley famous as it keeps your glasses in place even if you perspire and your skin becomes a bit slippery.
It also includes a thin stainless steel sports band so that you can easily hang your sunglasses around your neck to make sure you don't lose them.
Oakley's optics are among the very best on the market. This model comes with a Prizm lens. The unique technology filters out the "disturbing light" and allows you to focus on the details and contours that improve your vision.