Parken Trysil is located at Trysil Turistsenter and is divided into lines of different degrees of difficulty.

  • The green line is for novices and consists of simple jumps and boxes. You'll find it in the Eventyr children's area. You'll also find green park elements in the children's area at Trysil Høyfjellssenter.
  • Blåparken is possibly our most popular park. The entire family can ski or snowboard here, and it consists of two jump lines, simple rails and boxes.
  • Parken Trysil – red and black line – lies alongside Knetta chair lift (T8). Lots of jumps, lots of rails/boxes and at the bottom, Parken's biggest jump, Night´n.

Parken Trysil has its own Facebook page. Where you can find the latest news, new pictures and films throughout the season. Go to Parken Trysil's Facebook page.


Try one of our family-friendly arenas:

  • Racing – gate piste with self-timer. Located in the Eventyr children's area at Turistsenteret and in the children's area at Høyfjellssenteret.
  • Parallel slalom – located next to Blåparken at Trysil Turistsenter.
  • Speed-test – speed monitors at slope 53 at Trysil Høyfjellssenter, and by slope 11 at Skihytta.
  • Cross piste – at piste 23 at Trysil Turistsenter and 74 at Trysil Høyfjellssenter.
  • Ball piste (new) – under T1 Liekspressen.
  • Forest piste (new) – between piste 61 and T1 Liekspressen.
  • Wave pistes (new) on both sides of the mountain.