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OrganoTex BioCare Textile Wash One Colour

Special detergent for functional materials.

Special detergent for functional materials such as shell garments, soft-shell, ski wear, down garments, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and other outdoor fabrics that have a water-repellent finish (* DWR). The detergent is gentle on the treatment (* the DWR) so that it lasts longer, but effectively cleans the fabric as the product contains both enzymes and surfactants. Biocare Wash also works in cold water, which enables hand washing of e.g. tents, backpack or other products that cannot be machine washed.
The product is the first step in the OrganoTex Care program to maintain and improve water repellence of textiles. Recommended before re-treating because it leaves no residue in the fabric that can clog the material, which means that the waterproofing attaches better and also that vapour release from the fabric and membrane is maintained. OrganoTex Textile Waterproofing products are available as both Wash-in and Spray-On and are easy to apply after washing.
*DWR = Durable Water Repellency, water repellent finish used on most functional clothing and outdoor fabrics to withstand rain and wind.